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The BRUNAULT Lumbar Support concept has been clinically tested and designed to:

      • completely eliminate muscle fatigue by:
        • supporting the natural curve of the back
        • keeping the muscles of the neck, shoulders and back relaxed
        • pulling the shoulders back
        • centering the head
        • improving the confort
        • reducing pressure points
      • eliminate the most common cause of:
        • back pain
        • pain between the shoulder blades
        • sciatic pains
        • herniated disks
        • headaches
      • Helping to ensure effective care
  • Gradual depth to better follow the natural contour of the back
  • Larger support surface
  • Fits the ergonomic shape of the back
  • Frees the shoulder blades
  • Prevents the shoulders from slouching
  • Prevents pressure points in the flanks
  • Holds the:
    A - head centered with the body
    B - shoulders back
    C - lumbar curve pronounced
    C - neck, shoulder and lower back muscles RELAXED
  • Eco-responsable
    • Contents: polyester fibres from recycled plastic bottles
  • Easy comfort adjustment
    • Provided with a zipper
    • Easy access to the polyester fibre 
      Polyester fibers easy to remove, add or replace
  • Quality materials
    • 100% polyester
    • hypo-allergenic
    • antibacterial
    • anti-mite
  • Easy cleaning



  • Decompression of the rib cage
    • improves breathing
  • Decompresses abdominal space
    • improves digestion
  • Keeps the body in an improved sitting posture by preventing:
    • the upper body tilting forward
    • the shoulders to slouch
    • the  lumbar curve to sag
    • the bad posture of settling down
  • Increases the body's ability to heal itself

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