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Positioning and Comfort Adjustment of the Lumbar Supports

Xtra Small & Small Lumbar Supports

Steps :

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  1. Place the Lumbar Support on the backrest and use the clip to hold it about 5 inches from the seat
  2. Sit with your buttocks as close to the back as possible
  3. Lean your upper back forward
  4. Bring your upper back towards the backrest to bypass the lumbar support
  5. Then move the lumbar support a little up or down to adjust it for better comfort
  6. If the pressure of the lumbar support is too strong, move your buttocks forward a little bit
  7. You should feel your upper body rocking backwards effortlessly and your lower back very comfortably supported
  8. Once comfortable, take a few deep breaths to relax.

To see the effect:

  1. Take the lumbar support out and lean back onto the backrest
  2. Then, put it back
  3. Observe the difference.

Medium & Large Lumbar Supports



Lazoboy 2

Step 1


Steps 2 & 3

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Steps 4 & 5

  1. Place the lumbar support with the tip up on the backrest and base about 2 inches from the seat
  2. Leaning against the lumbar support
  3. Then move it a little up or down to adjust the position of the upper body for better comfort
  4. You should feel your back positioned in a relaxed and painless posture
  5. Once comfortable, take a few deep breaths to relax.

To see its effect:

  1. Remove the lumbar support and lean on the backrest
  2. Then put it back on
  3. Notice the difference

Adjusting the comfort of your Lumbar Support

At first, your new lumbar support may feel like a new pair of leather shoes.

It usually takes a few days for the lumbar support to soften and for your back to adjust to it.



However, for better comfort:

You can either remove, add or replace the stuffing by opening the zipper that is located at the base of the lumbar support to gain access to it .



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