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Cervical Support

SMALL - $24 CA

For the neck of a person less than 6 feet tall

Cervical Support

LARGE - $28 CA

For a long neck or for the neck of a person over 6 feet tall

Lumbar Support

SMALL - $64 CA (with strap)

For office chairs, car seats, firmer-backed armchairs, lounge chairs, table chairs...

Lumbar Support

LARGE - $72 CA (w/out strap)

Only for chairs with very soft, hollow backs to replace the cushion or pillow you currently use.

Bed Pillow

$76 CA

Knee Cushion

$35 CA

If you need assistance, please call me (Bruno) at (579) 488-2138

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Flat rate shipping to USA ($20 ) 3 - 7 day delivery

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