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The Cause of Back Problems!

Today, with the advent of television, computers, more office jobs and long car trips, we spend an average of 9.3 hours sitting down.

The consequences of a sagging lumbar curve due to a flat or too soft chair back, day after day, are considerable ...


  • A -Head tilted forward 
      • neck and shoulder tension
      • headache


  • B - Arched shoulders
      • shoulder blade tension
      • Pain between the shoulder blades


  • C - sagging of the lumbar curve
      • backache
      • sciatic pain
      • herniated disk
      • leg pain

The Solution!

An ergonomic lumbar support design that:

    • Fits the natural curve of the back
    • maintains a pronounced lumbar curve
    • keeps the upper body inclined backwards
    • eliminates tension on neck, shoulder and back muscles
    • provides a larger bearing surface

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