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About the Brunault company


The mission of BRUNAULT is to create simple, affordable and eco-responsible handcrafted products to help those who suffer from chronic back pain that no one could help and who have no hope of relief.


Origin of the lumbar ergonomiqic add-ons design

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Bruno Choinière, CEO

Inventor of the Design of 

the lumbar ergonomic add-ons

I am a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, Iowa, USA.

In 1992, I obtained my Doctorate in Chiropractic with Honorable Mention "MAGNA CUM LADA".

Since then I have stood out in the treatment of chronic back pain, herniated disc and sciatic pain that other healthcare professionals have been unable to help.

It is due to the listening of my patients, my relentlessness in helping my patients to restore their health as well as to my ingenuity that the design of the lumbar ergonomic add-ons has emerged.

"I discovered this design while examining the back of one of my patients. Normally, patients who consult me ​​have a very rigid back. But this patient's back was very flexible.

When I pushed his lower back deep into its natural curve, I observed that the muscles in his shoulders and his back spontaneously relaxed.

For me, this meant that when the lower back returned to its natural curve, the body reacted instinctively by adopting a relaxed posture, which allowed it to eliminate the stress imposed on the back muscles. Consequently, the return of his lumbar curve significantly helped reduce pain  and discomfort associated with poor sitting postures. "

The design was developed to correct one of the most common problems we face, "sedentarization".

Sitting at work, in the car and in front of the television, the discs, muscles and ligaments of our back get used to an unhealthy position for the spine. When the spine loses its natural curve, our back gets tired and degenerates faster.

People receive treatments for their back pain and continue to sit in flat-backrest seats and sofas that caused their problem at first.

Tested in clinics for over a decade, the studied design of the lumbar ergonomic accessoires provokes the body's reflexes so that the body positions itself in a relaxed and tension-free posture.

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