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At work 250 x 250

Keep your back strong while working!
At the office, at home or on the road

Ergonomic lumbar add-ons designed to stimulate your back to maintain an effective working posture

On average, we spend 9.3 hours sitting, 7-8 hours of which are spent at our workstation. 

It is well known that prolonged sitting is not a natural position for the back and can, in some cases, be traumatic for the whole body.

Today, health specialists compare the ravages of sitting to those of smoking.

The consequences of sitting:

These are now scientifically proven and are known to be relatively disastrous. Our body is the first victim of prolonged sitting. The spine becomes rounded, the head is thrown forward, the pelvis also tilts forward, the organs are compressed.... The sitting position creates compression points that affect the proper functioning of the circulation and the supply of blood to our limbs and organs. We all know the consequences of the traumas generated by this position :

  • back pain
  • arthritis
  • varicose veins
  • cardio-vascular diseases
  • cholesterol
  • obesity
  • muscle degeneration
  • neck pain
  • shoulder pain
  • fragility of the wrists
  • diabetes
  • increased risk of colon, prostate and breast cancer .

Properly supporting the lower back can help prevent long-term injuries!

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