For people suffering from cancer, arthritis and other | BRUNAULT Ergonomic Add-ons
Cancer 250 x 250 EN

Give your body a better chance to fight...

Ergonomic lumbar and cervical add-ons designed to give you better comfort during harder times...

Neck and Back

Watching television can be a way to take your mind off things.

However, spending hours in a chair with a soft, hollow back can make your discomfort worse.

When you sink into your chair, your back becomes tense and uncomfortable.

In fact, in addition to keeping your muscles tense, this unhealthy posture not only compresses your lungs and abdominal organs, but also greatly reduces your body's ability to fight off disease.

Our lumbar and cervical add-ons are designed to keep you in a position that promotes muscular relaxation of your back, clears your lungs and allows your abdominal organs to function better.

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