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How we designed our add-ons

Design of the ergonomic add-ons and Postural Dynamics

Design of the ergonomic lumbar add-ons

The design of our ergonomic lumbar add-ons help relieve back pain, sciatica and slipped disc when sitting in front of the TV, at work and in the car, when travelling, on public transport, in short wherever you can sit and lay down.

It's a design that fits your lower back with adjustable comfort...

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Since the dawn of time, our ancestors cultivated the land or hunted and have always lived on their feet. Today, with the advent of television, computers, and more office jobs, we spend an average of 9.3 hours sitting down.

Preoccupied with our favourite TV shows, the Internet and our work tasks, we don't take the time to question the stress that the backrests of chairs, seats and armchairs have on our back.

All we realize is that after a while, fatigue, discomfort, stiffness and pain are felt.

Little by little, the back, the neck, the shoulders start to bother us. Tense, we don't understand why! We lose control!

When the pain becomes persistent and begins to interfere with our daily activities, leisure time, work, we consult and spend a fortune on various treatments.

But in many cases, in spite of treatment by competent professionals, the pain keeps coming back or persists and the hope of recovery diminishes.

Understanding your back is 50% of the solution to back pain !

Most of us don't bother to ask ourselves about our body's needs.

For many, body mechanics is not their field or specialty and cannot conceive how they can help their body perform better to avoid back pain.

Your body needs you as much as you need it and here's how to help it help you!

And our ergonomic add-ons are here to help you support your body!

The Design

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The design of the lumbar add-ons is based on 3 simple and logical principles:

1. Distribution of Upper Body Weight

In the seated position, the lumbar curve plays a very important role: a) in the distribution of the weight of the upper body (thorax, shoulders and head) and 2) on the stress exerted on the lumbar and abdominal muscles.

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Collapsed Lumbar Curve (Figure 3.2):

  • When the curve of the lower back sags, i.e. when the lower back rests completely on the flat backrest of a chair, the weight of the upper body shifts forward.
    • The lumbar, shoulder and neck muscles contract to counterbalance the weight of the upper body and head
    • The abdominal muscles relax automatically

Conclusion: As soon as the lumbar curve collapses to rest on the flat or hollow backrest of a chair/seat/sofa, the muscles of the back, shoulders and neck are put under constant tension.

Imagine standing with your arms held at 90 degrees for more than 6 hours a day! Understand that sooner or later your shoulder muscles will heat up, burn, and hurt.

That's what you put your back through when you work, drive and watch your favorite TV programs in chairs, seats and sofas that have flat or soft backrests and let your lumbar curve sag.

Pronounced lumbar curve (Figure 3.3):

  • When the lumbar curve is pronounced, that is, when the space between the lower back and the backrest of a chair is large, the weight of the upper body shifts backwards.
    • The abdominal muscles contract to counterbalance the weight of the upper body
    • Shoulders and head are in an anatomical position...
    • The lumbar, shoulder and neck muscles relax automatically

Conclusion: As soon as the lumbar curve is pushed forward, away from the backrest, all the lumbar, shoulder and neck muscles relax instantly.

Imagine yourself in a whirlpool! If your back could talk, it would tell you Ahhhhhhhh! It feels good!!!

The Base of the add-ons supports a

Pronounced lumbar!

2. The shape of the back:

In order to effectively shift the weight from the upper body backwards to relax the lumbar, shoulder and neck muscles, it is important that the lumbar support follows the contour of the back as the spine changes from lumbar to dorsal curvature.


10th Dorsal ---------

3rd Lumbar -------

Sacrum -------------

Pointe (2)
Pointe (3)


--------- 10th Dorsal

---------3rd Lumbar

--------- Sacrum

From the sacrum to the 3rd lumbar vertebra, the lumbar curve gradually increases, and from the 3rd lumbar vertebra to the 10th dorsal vertebra, the lumbar curve gradually decreases to completely fade.

Conclusion: To follow the natural curve of the back, the thickness of a lumbar support should be greatest at the 3rd lumbar vertebra and gradually decrease to follow the change from lumbar curve to dorsal curve.

3. The controlled use of pressure points

You may not realize it, but the surface on which your back rests when you sit down is even more important for comfort than maintaining a pronounced lumbar curve and following the shape of your spine!

These are pressure points on the skin of the back!

The difference with pressure points is that pressure points compress the capillaries located in the surface of the skin and prevent blood from circulating.

When the cells start to run out of oxygen, the body does the same as we do! It struggles to get some air. The body reacts by survival instinct. It responds with neuro-muscular reflexes.

Conclusion: By reflex, pressure points caused by backrests that do not follow the shape of the spine irritate the skin of the back and by reflex, the body reacts by moving to find a better comfort.

By having a more pronounced thickness at the 3rd lumbar vertebra, the design of the lumbar add-ons use the body's reflexes to accentuate the lumbar curve while tilting the upper back towards the back.

That's it! The ergonomic add-on design keeps you in a perfect posture without effort.

You can't slouch!

You can't have a sore back!


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