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In the car 250 x 250

Keep your back strong while driving!

Ergonomic lumbar add-ons designed to support your back during short and long car trips

En voiture 250 x 250

It is very common to suffer from back pain during long and short car trips.

These pains are mostly mechanical and due to poor posture caused by a backrest that does not support the hollow of the back:

The spine becomes rounded, the head is thrown forward, the pelvis also tilts forward, the organs are compressed....

The sitting position creates compression points that affect the proper functioning of the circulation and the nutrition of our limbs and organs because your body is too static. Maintaining a sitting position for too long is unnatural and it is normal for your back to react.

People who have a hollow/curved back tend to suffer more damage to the lumbar spine. This is due to the abnormal stretching of the ligaments and intervertebral discs caused by a greater gap to be filled between the backrest and the back.

The greater the hollow of the back, the more imminent the appearance of one or more herniated discs.

And as long as the hollow back is not sufficiently supported and maintained in its natural position, no treatment will succeed in relieving the pain associated with a herniated disc.

By supporting the normal curve of your lower back, while driving, you can comfortably drive long distances!

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