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Please be advised that by accessing to our website“”  and information thereon, you acknowledge and agree to the ”Terms of Use” and the “Disclaimer of Liability Agreement”.

Please be advised that BRUNAULT website contains information concerning physical, nutritional and mental health in a self-help manner. The information is based on the owners’ professional expertise in chiropractic and personal knowledge acquired from their own experience. On this website the owners are exercising their constitutional right to freedom of speech and civil right to commercialize such information.

Please be advised that our first priority being the safety of our users, we have set out “Terms of Use” and “Disclaimer of Liability Agreement” to ensure that our users are aware of possible health risk in using the information provided. We are urging them to consult with their health care professional before using any information and if not we assume that each user is responsible of his actions. However, we cannot guarantee that each user will do so, and as a result, we do not take any responsibility and we have made clear to the users that using any information is at their own risk.

Please be advised that the owners are humans and are acting in good faith in providing pertinent information for the benefit of the public. But even with the upmost honesty, we may make honest mistakes from time to time and we ask to be treated humanly and with respect in the correction of any honest mistake by first informely informing us of any such honest mistake and by giving us the opportunity to either correct it or justify it.

Please be assured of our formal intent to correct any honest mistake and to conform withall applicable law.

However, please be advised of our vehement intent to defend our rights.

Wherefore, you are formally advised that the commencing of any legal action before granting us our right to be informely made aware of any honest mistake and be given the opportunity to correct any mistake resulting from the content of our website, may be considered as harassment and abuse of the judicial system and any attorney who support such ill action may be considered as having practiced outside of his scope of practice and committed a misconduct.

By having committed such ill action, any person may be found liable for accrued reasonable monetary damages and any and all legal and accounting fees in accordance with the applicable laws.

Users and others, you are so advised!

Owners of BRUNAULT

Last Revised on 02/22/2022

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