Telework and herniated discs | BRUNAULT Ergonomic Add-ons
Teleworking 250 x 250

A herniated disc develops over time!
9 hours sitting, including 7 to 8 hours working.

In a seated position, the discs are compressed and pushed towards your spinal cord and nerves.

Gradually, under pressure, they weaken and bulge (herniated disc) to reach the nerve fibers, which connect your muscles and vital organs.

The more time passes, the more your back gets damaged and takes time to recover.

As a result, your back becomes weaker and weaker and quickly succumbs to the pressure.

Our ergonomic lumbar add-ons are designed to strengthen your discs and keep them away from your spinal cord and nerves to reduce the risk of disc herniation.

Without and with

By properly supporting the natural curve of your lower back, you can help keep your discs healthy!

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