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Watching TV 250 x 250

Keep your back strong even while watching television!

Ergonomic lumbar add-ons designed to provide such comfort that your back pain will be a thing of the past

Fauteuil 250 x 250

At the end of the evening, it's time to relax in front of a good TV program or a good movie.

We settle down in our favorite armchair thinking that the body is going to be recharged with vitality, but instead, the discomfort takes us, we squirm, we sit all crooked, we add cushions behind the back for a short moment of respite. But it's hopeless, impossible to concentrate on what's playing on TV.

The back of our favorite chair is either too stiff or too soft and the thought of throwing it out the window goes through our heads.

The solution! Buy a new one... But even the newer and more expensive ones have the same problem. The backrest doesn't support the hollow of the back.

By ergonomically supporting your back on your chair or sofa, you can fully enjoy your favorite shows and movies!

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